Stay on track with the C-Max Call Time smart watch for only $44.99

Let's face it, life can get hectic with trying to stay on top of your busy schedule and remembering every task that pops into your head. Well, now it's time to breathe a sigh of relief and take some pressure off yourself because the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time smartwatch is designed to do all the thinking for you. The C-Max Call Time smartwatch has all the capabilities and features of a smartphone but conveniently condensed to the size of a 1.7" touchscreen display screen on your wrist. 

This means you can have it on you wherever you go and can customize alerts and reminders to pop up whenever necessary. Besides being your digital personal assistant, the C-Max also has over 14 other helpful features to keep you punctual and consistent without breaking the bank, with the now reduced and affordable price of $44.99.  

Some of the other features include social features like answering or making calls and text messages, while also being able to control or pause the music on your phone. You can also use it for practical activities like checking the weather, sleep monitoring, or needing a stopwatch. Additionally, there's a Find Watch Alert that can track down your watch in case you misplace it. 

The C-Max smartwatch is great if you have or want to have an active lifestyle because it can keep tabs on your fitness progress with multi-sport fitness tracking and health monitors and won't get damaged with its sweat-resistant materials. Best of all its soft, silicone band is comfortable and functional for all day, everyday usage and comes in four different sleek colors to match your style. 

Function, practicality, and convenience, what more can you want from a watch? Stop stressing and make your life smarter with the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time smartwatch, now just $44.99 only until 6/19 – so don't let your time run out. 

Prices subject to change.