Watch the Winklevoss Twins butcher "Don't Stop Believing" with their cover band

I am famously on the record as an opponent of everything Journey. I hate that band. And I especially hate "Don't Stop Believing," to the point that I even included this little factoid in my professional bio. I have my reasons that I can get into, but that's not the point here.

The point is that I just found something that will make other people hate that song, too: the Winklevoss Twins, those crypto investors who infamously sued Mark Zuckerberg after claiming that he stole Facebook from them, performing the song with their new cover band, Mars Junction, and absolutely butchering it.

In case that's not enough, they also did some Rage Against The Machine:

Maybe there was a problem with the monitor system? Let's check this video from the band's rehearsal to see how they fare in better conditions…

Okay, well maybe that's just Tyler Winklevoss. Cameron Winklevoss definitely knows how to play guitar…right?

…yes, that definitely sounds like someone who knows what they're talking about. </sarcasm>

Mars Junction is currently on tour; and if you go to one of their live shows, you can get a free NFT! No seriously; they're giving out free NFTs to concertgoers.

It's certainly not unheard of for stupidly rich celebrities to leverage their wealth into a music or acting career. But I think that's what bums me about this the most: that the Winklevoss Twins spend their money on guitars and lighting effects and neglected to put any money towards making themselves sound good. The backing band is fine, to be fair. But Tyler — Cameron — take some lessons! Or at least buy a vocal processing rack that will pitch-correct your warbling in real-time! They're not even that expensive in the grand scheme of things! Hell, you can get a decent one for less than $300!

I feel like you guys aren't even taking this seriously. You just wanted people to pay to watch you do some shitty karaoke. Or maybe you just needed some extra cash now that Bitcoin is tanking, IDK.