PAC claiming Boebert had 2 abortions and was an unlicensed escort invites Boebert to sue

The American Muckrakers PAC, Inc. (the same political action committee that leaked damning photos and videos about Rep. Madison Cawthorn), issued a press release claiming Rep. Lauren Boebert was an unlicensed paid escort and had two abortions. The release also claims Boebert met senator Ted Cruz in Aspen, Colorado through an introduction by a Koch family member and "client," and that Cruz donated "at least $136,250.00 to the Boebert Campaign and helped her raise large sums of money during trips Boebert made to Texas."

Rep. Boebert responded to the allegations by tweeting: "Fact Check: Not true. Fake News. Four Pinocchios. Also… Y'all need Jesus!" To which American Muckracker's PAC (tweeting under the handle @FireBoebert) replied, "No. Second. Term. For. Boebert. If it's fake news, then sue us. We would love to depose you about these matters. And Ted. And Mr. Koch Bring it you fake Congressthing."

Newsweek reached out to Boebert's staff about the PAC's claims. A spokesperson said the claims are "totally false" and said Boebert "is consulting her attorneys on next steps."

From the press release (PDF):

The American Muckrakers PAC, Inc., today announced their team and volunteers have uncovered that Lauren Boebert was an unlicensed, paid escort and met clients through Text messages show she was bankrupt at the time and looking for "side income" and called her work "pay to play". She was paid to "escort" wealthy men.

According to our investigation, Boebert was hired by a wealthy male client in Aspen, Colorado, who was a Koch family member. Boebert's rich client subsequently introduced her to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in Aspen. After meeting with Senator Cruz, Boebert was encouraged by Cruz to run for political office. When Boebert announced her campaign for Congress in December 2019, Senator Cruz donated at least $136,250.00 to the Boebert Campaign and helped her raise large sums of money during trips Boebert made to Texas.

Boebert didn't disclose a $70,500.00 donation made by Cruz's Federal Election Commission filings contradicted her filings. Boebert had an abortion at a clinic in Grand Junction, Colorado, sometime in 2004 or 2005 when she was approximately eighteen years old. It is not known whether this abortion was related to clients or someone else. Then, Boebert, twenty-three at the time, had an abortion in 2009 at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, "due to her work with a client".

American Muckrakers obtained this information through an exhaustive investigation and a tip from a verified source close to this matter who has requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

David B. Wheeler, President of the American Muckrakers PAC, Inc, said the following:

"Lauren Opal Boebert is as big of a hypocrite as Madison Cawthorn. He says one thing and does another. She says she is against abortion but has apparently had at least two abortions. She claims to be a devout Christian but is paid to escort wealthy men without a license and has two abortions she wants to make illegal for other women. She takes money from Ted Cruz but doesn't report it. If she is a law-and-order candidate, imagine what else she'll do to line her pockets. There is clearly no moral line Boebert won't cross and it's all about getting as much money as she can, not the needs of the citizens of Colorado.

Our coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated voters are pleading with all voters in Colorado's 3rd District to take a good long look at Lauren Boebert and what she does, not what she says:

– Boebert had two abortions but says other women shouldn't be able to make this decision.

– Boebert was driving an ATV in Moab and had a serious wreck with her son in the back and her sister-in-law is so seriously injured she has to be flown to the hospital via life flight.

– Boebert doesn't report the accident as required by Utah law and then actively works to cover up the accident two weeks before the primary election, including paying her sister-in-law off to remain silent.

– Boebert uses donor money to pay her taxes and restaurant rent.

– Boebert still owes her employees back pay and threatens them if they protest.

– Jayson Boebert has a "consulting" contract for an oil and gas company for $460,000.00 a year but has zero consulting experience.

We hope Coloradans will agree with us that Lauren Boebert doesn't deserve to represent the voters of Colorado, but she does deserve to be in the Colorado Hypocrite Hall of Fame. "

The press release includes screenshots of heavily redacted text messages from a source making the claims about Boebert.

As Jezebel makes clear, the alleged abortions and sex work aren't the issue:

Of course, no one should care that Boebert allegedly had two abortions—people of all political leanings have abortions!—we just care that she wants to ban abortion nationwide and deprive other people of the choice she reportedly made. The shameless hypocrisy is the problem.

Boebert is staunchly anti-abortion and even writes on her official House website that she believes life begins at fertilization: "As a mother of four children, I believe that human life begins at conception, and I will always defend the right to life…Abortion is a grave evil, and I will never stop standing for the right to life."