Watch Rep. Loudermilk give "tour" of Capitol hallways on Jan. 5 to "fearless leader" who showed up Jan. 6th

Video released by the January 6th Committee (below) shows a Capitol "tour" led by Rep. Loudermilk (R–GA) on Jan. 5th that, according to the Committee, focused on Capitol entrances, hallways, staircases, and tunnels (2:02). The video also shows one of these "tourists," who took lots of pictures during his tour (according to the Committee), showing up at the Capitol the very next day, on Jan. 6th. He was referred to as "our fearless leader" by the man recording him.

The Fearless Leader proudly shows us the sharp tip of his flag pole which he says "is for a certain person." He then pretends to charge someone with it. "That's for somebody special!" the recorder says. … "There's no escape, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, we're comin' for you. … even you, AOC. We're comin' to take you out."