Irate Mike Lindell on Walmart dropping MyPillow: "Shame on you, Walmart! You're disgusting!" (video)

It looks like Mike Lindell's pillow empire as finally lost all its stuffing, as the MyPillow peddler announced last night that Walmart dropped his products. This comes after a petition with 100,000 signatures urged Walmart — along with Amazon — to disassociate themselves with the Big Lie conspiracy-theorist after 22 other mega retailers (i.e., QVC, Sam's Club, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond) dropped him. (As of today, Amazon still carries the brand.)

In a Facebook Live video (below), he spent a good chunk of his rant yelling at Walmart about how this wasn't good for business, and also explained how he tried to change Walmart's mind by offering to lower their price. But his attempt at wheeling and dealing with the big box store got him nowhere. The recollection angers him to no end.

"Shame on you Walmart, you're disgusting!" he shouted (start 6:33). "…You guys are canceling us! Just like the other box stores. Shame on you, Walmart! You're disgusting! (he repeated).

Lindell claims the Walmart breakup will cause MyPillow to lose a total of $100 million in wholesale sales.