These multi-purpose glues won't mend broken hearts, but they'll fix broken projects

The only thing worse than a broken heart is a broken planter. You could throw it out with the rest of the garbage polluting planet earth, making us all a little worse for the wear, or you could give it new life with this Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue Fix and Create Kit Bundle.

If you're prone to dropping the ball (or the vase) and have no way of fixing it, you probably need this adhesive bundle. This silicone putty is excellent for repairing, improving, and personalizing things to make them feel homier to you. It permanently bonds to your project of choice in various materials, including brick, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and plastics, so whatever you create looks flawless. In just 30 minutes, you have a strong bond set, and you'll be ready to give that broken glass a second chance at life.

You can use the multi-purpose for so much more than just piecing things back together. Slap on some of this stuff to fix, bond, seal, mount, create, improve, upcycle, or personalize your new favorite home goods. Not sure what you can conjure up? The putty is also waterproof, temperature-resistant, machine-washable, and dishwasher-proof, so you never have to worry about the elements striking down your creative process.

Regarding other parts of the kit, you'll get a how-to booklet with lots of goodies for your reading pleasure, including projects, helpful tools, easy how-to guides, and inspiring stories from fellow makers. Beyond that, the booklet will also help you learn to deboss, texturize, design, and upcycle your projects, as well as all the different things you would otherwise never think to do with glue, such as make stamps for personalized wrapping paper. So go ahead, get your craft on, you thrifty thing, you.

Get the Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue Fix and Create Kit Bundle, which includes eight black glue packs, four single-use packs of moldable glue, three repurposed tools, one booklet, and one glue tin, for $24.99 (Reg. $37).

Prices subject to change.