Drag-queen-hating, Kari Lake used to love drag queens so much that she did drag herself

Trump-loving Kari Lake, who is running for Governor in Arizona, has recently joined her fellow Republicans railing against drag shows and wanting to "protect" children from drag queens.Β 

Turns out, to absolutely nobody's surprise, that Kari Lake is one giant hypocrite. Famous Phoenix drag queen Barbra Seville recently shared on her Facebook page that she and Kari used to be good friends and that she performed drag for Kari's birthday in her home and in front of her children:

Local Phoenix reporter Brahm Resnick covers the whole story here, where you can see photos of Kari with Barbra in drag, as well as photos of Kari herself in drag.

Lake's campaign issued a statement saying Seville's post was "accusations full of lies."