Conspirituality Podcast asks: "Who's afraid of Teal Swan?"

If you can't get enough of the mesmerizing and often infuriating Teal Swan, who some folks think is a cult leader, and who is the focus of the wildly popular docuseries The Deep End, then you're in luck. Today the Conspirituality Podcast dropped a new episode all about Teal Swan, called "Who's afraid of Teal Swan?". They describe the episode like this:

With Jon Kasbe's series, "The Deep End" airing on Hulu, Swan has entered some A-list limelight. But what do we really learn from this docutainment event, radiating out from an embedment in Swan's inner circle? According to Kasbe's own words, we don't learn the "Capital T Truth" of Swan's day-to-day, but rather the immersive feeling of what it is like to be under her spell. 

Or do we? Swan accuses Kasbe of casting his own spell, with deceptive editing that scrambles timelines and conflates interactions, and even different people. And it appears she might not be wrong. We talk to Kasbe in this episode about his vision and blindspots, and the ironic risk of creating a film of Satanic-Panic level false memories about an influencer who says she specializes in retrieving past trauma. 

The episode sounds great, as they will be discussing Swan's work with the director of The Deep End, Jon Kasbe, and also addressing Swan's reaction to the docuseries. (Hint: She's not happy about it, as she's made clear in multiple videos she's released on her Facebook page. She's also started a petition to force Kasbe Films to release the raw footage, because she claims Kasbe spun her story in a negative way. The petition page explains, "We want the director to acknowledge the false narrative he is creating and release the raw footage of what actually happened over the course of three years."

The Conspirituality Podcast hosts, Matthew Rimski, Derek Beres, and Julian Walker, also announce at the end of this episode that they will soon release what they are calling The Swan Song Series, a bundle of early access bonus episodes on all things Teal Swan, on the podcast's Patreon. (I'm a member of their Patreon and for me it's totally been worth it!). I'm off to listen to the latest episode!