Use this high tech ear cleaner to say goodbye to the old-school cotton swab

Personal hygiene is an essential part of self-care. Keeping your body clean and well-groomed not only makes you more pleasurable around, but it can actually help to keep you from getting sick. There are some interesting and downright bizarre products around to help with your personal hygiene, and perhaps none are more beneficial than an update to the time-honored cotton swab method of cleaning your ears. 

The Cleanse Right Electronic Ear Wax Removal Device offers an at-home method to keep your ears clean and fit for someone living in the 21st century. The Cleanse Right is more effective than traditional cotton swabs and much safer as the old school method can lead to painful (and gross) ear wax blockages. Best of all, at $55, the Cleanse Right comes in at a price point that won't break the bank. 

The Cleanse Right is far safer than traditional cotton swabs, which often pack ear wax further in the canal and can lead to discomfort or even expensive cleaning procedures. The Cleanse Right not only uses a gentle flushing technique but is also easy to use and ultra-portable. 

Those who have used the Cleanse Right cleaning system have been blown away by the ease of use of the product and the effectiveness of the method earning the Cleanse Right hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. One verified user raves, "I've had issues with ear wax for years and have used QTips, but always found irritation. The Cleanse Right system removes the wax without the irritation and can be used much less often than daily application of QTips."

Cleaning your ears the old-school way is wasteful, not to mention dangerous. The Cleanse Right Electronic Ear Cleaner is a much safer option for 2022, and it's available for $55.

Prices subject to change.