The trailer for Super Sons looks like a return to form for DC animation

For a while, DC's direct-to-DVD animated films were one of the most robust offerings in the entire company. Under the guidance of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, each direct-to-DVD film possessed a unique identity and tone that shifted depending on the central character. And then Phil Bourassa became the focal point of DC's animated efforts. Although Bourassa is a competent artist with an exciting blend of anime and traditional Western action sensibilities, DC's animated films went from dazzlingly unique from entry to entry to bland and homogeneous.

Recently, the Bourassa era ended with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War and DC animated films' future is already significantly brighter. Earlier this year, DC unveiled a trailer for a new Green Lantern movie starring John Stewart that featured a new and refreshing art style. With the video linked above for DC's Super Sons, the company is doubling down on giving each new movie a specific art style. Super Sons, based on the eponymous comic that features the exploits of Damian Wayne and Johnathan Kent, is the latest entry in the new wave of 2D/3D hybrid animation in the vein of Arcane and Dragonball Super: Super Hero