Comedians tell Los Angeles City Council that they are going on a "boning sabbatical"

Comedians Chad Kroeger and JT Parr are going on a "boning sabbatical," which is their way of standing in solidarity "with the ladies." They showed up this week at a Los Angeles City Council meeting to express their disappointment in the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and to share their plan to stop having sex in order to not put women in "potentially impossible situations." You can watch them here, channeling their best Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure vibes.

Here's a transcript:

Chad Kroeger: What up, Council? My name is Chad Kroeger. This is my colleague JT.

JT Parr: What up, Council?

Chad Kroeger: I come to you deeply unstoked, by the recent decish to overturn Roe v. Wade and in doing so, restricting women's rights and setting back humans/stoke progress. The sadness it has incurred in the women in my life has been massive. I realized I need to do something to show solidarity with the ladies. So from this moment forward, I will not be having sex. Huge sacrifice, I know, but if the government won't protect women, then I won't do anything that could put them in a potentially impossible situatish. JT will be joining me in this boning sabbatical.

JT Parr: It's like that story from Greece, Lysistrata, but we're gender bending it.

Chad Kroeger: Tap into your best selves and get this situation rectified. I would like to bone again one day, but again, I'm willing not to. Thank you.

JT Parr: Sorry, ladies.