Get in on this environment-friendly alternative to toilet paper

These days, it could seem like you've been spending all your hard-earned cash on essentials like gas, food, and even toilet paper. And while you need to buy this stuff, current high prices mean having to cut back on other fun stuff, which is hardly something you want to do over the summer.

While you can't necessarily skimp out on essential purchases, you can, believe it or not, stop buying so much toilet paper. And when you switch out your standard toilet seat for this smart bidet seat by Aim to Wash!, you save on toilet paper and take your bathroom sessions up a few pegs, making your time on the porcelain throne cleaner than ever.

The Aim to Wash! is a smart toilet seat that puts a new spin on an otherwise poopy toilet experience, allowing you to rinse off with warm water (that you can totally adjust to a temperature that suits your fancy) after you go. With a single knob, you can choose between a rear cleansing, feminine frontal wash, and a dryer mode, keeping your nether regions fresh and clean without always having to use toilet paper, reducing its consumption by up to 80%!

In addition to its adjustable washes, this bathroom gadget also can keep the seat warm for you, close quietly thanks to its no-slam mechanism, and even boasts an endless supply of hot water with its patented tank-less design. It even features an LED night light that makes those middle-of-the-night trips to the loo way more enjoyable. 

People love this alternative toilet seat, from its easy installation to its ability to help you save on toilet paper. It's no wonder it's received rave reviews online, including 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.2 stars at Lowes. 

Save over 30% on the Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat and get it for just $199.99.

Prices subject to change.