The trailer for Paper Girls really delivers

For the last few decades, Brian K Vaughan has been building one of the most prestigious legacies in comics' history. One look at Vaughan's resume indicates that he's easily one of the best writers working in the industry today. His work for the mainline Marvel and DC universes may be impressive, but Vaughan truly shines in the realm of creator-owned material. Books like Ex Machina, Private Eye, and the insanely popular Saga showcase Vaughan's seemingly inexhaustible ability to generate fresh IPs. Consequently, I've always found it odd that Hollywood has been dragging its feet in adapting Vaughan's work. 

Last year, Hollywood pulled the trigger on finally adapting Vaughan's first big hit in Y: The Last Man, but the series failed to garner much interest. Even though Y: The Last Man may have stumbled, Vaughan has several other IPs that could clean up in the world of comic adaptations. In the trailer linked above, you can check out the first look at Amazon Prime's adaptation of Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang's Paper Girls series from Image Comics.