Container homes (still) overrated

"There's a whole AirBnB entire category just for shipping containers," says Phil Edwards. "There's this whole fantasy about buying a shipping container for $4,000 and bringing it on a mountain and you're happy now."

It's not new to point out how bad they are as residences, but successive waves of media hype and social media virality quickly overwhelm each wave of criticism. So here we are with the latest warning, from Vox Media.

As with "obviously" scammy email from foreign princes, the product selects the customer. If you can't immediately see how problematic thin corrugated metal walls are, by the time you confront the consequences your money is gone. You can make a functionally identical box out of 2x4s or concrete masonry units with far more affordable and commonplace tools, and insulation and utilities will fit in it like lego!