16-year-old boy saves three girls and cop from drowning

16-year-old Corion Evans from Pascagoula, Mississippi saved three teenage girls and a police officer from drowning in the Pascagoula River. The three teenagers were in a car that drove off a boat launch and into the Pascagoula River. As the car began sinking, Corion Evans, along with one of his friends, jumped into the river and began rescuing the girls. Moss Point, Mississippi Police Officer Gary Mercer also arrived at the scene and jumped in to help with the rescue. While helping to rescue one of the girls who started panicking, Officer Mercer also started drowning. So Corion Evans rescued the police officer, too.

Maybe Tempe, AZ Police Department, whose officers recently stood by and watched Tempe resident Sean Bickings drown in Tempe Town Lake, could hire Corion Evans. 

Watch video here.