Don't like being spied on? Save $79 off these hidden camera finders during our Deal Days sale

You may frequently travel as a part of your job and spend a lot of time in hotels. Or perhaps you're just going away on a short trip or vacation and renting an Airbnb. Whatever the case, you've probably wondered if hidden cameras were lurking somewhere unseen. Not to come off as paranoid, but you're entitled to a bit of privacy and security when you're just trying to relax.

So if you're ever worried about a spy camera watching your most private moments, rather than searching high and low, we've found a better option that might make you feel like 007. It's a Scout Hidden Camera Detector, and it'll sniff out those pesky incognito cams the next time you rent a property for the weekend.

The Scout Hidden Camera Detecto will ease your mind when traveling, whether you're staying at a hotel or an Airbnb. It's designed to spot the majority of cameras hidden in everyday objects. The Scout detector is easy to use and works quickly. It takes two AAA batteries that can last for up to a year.

All you have to do is stand 5 to 15 directly in front of the item you think may be hiding a camera. Just make sure to point the LEDs away from you as you hold the Scout up against your eye. Then, while you're looking through the aperture, press the button to turn the LEDs on and choose between solid and flashing mode. If you see a red pinpoint shining, you've found a hidden camera (and a reason to check out early)!

With a Scout Hidden Camera Detector (2-Pack), you won't have to worry about being spied upon in your most vulnerable moments. With this exclusive Deal Days discount, you can purchase this two-pack for just $99.99. The sale ends July 14, and you definitely won't find this deal on Amazon.

Prices subject to change.