Famous for rotten pork sliders and losing money, Boebert's 'Shooters Grill' to close

Poison pork sliders, dodgy finances and pistol-packing waitresses have all featured in the news, but no more: it would appear that screamy US Congressperson from Colorado Lauren Boebert's storied 'Shooters Grill' is closing before losing its lease. A new landlord has objected to the business and was considering yanking the lease, this has hastened a decision to close the place.

Colorado Pols:

As readers know, Shooter's Grill lost hundreds of thousands of dollars during its few years of operation according to tax filings, and the eatery never lived down the 2017 incident in which Boebert's food truck sickened dozens of spectators at a local rodeo. Quality food and service was never the draw of Shooter's Grill, of course, bringing in customers (at least once for the novelty) with their armed and generally young female wait staff.

Boebert reportedly waited until after the June 28th primary to make the decision about closing Shooter's Grill after the building's landlord signaled his intention to cancel Boebert's lease at the end of August. With Boebert's Republican primary opponent dispatched, Boebert's cash flow from her newfound fame looks secure enough to dispense with the dirty work of running a small-town greasy spoon–management of which Boebert had reportedly already farmed out to political supporters.

via Crooks and Liars