Lauren Boebert exposes her stupidity again while taking racist aim at Ilhan Omar (video)

Congress-preacher Lauren Boebert, who frequently blends Christianity with QAnon beliefs when conducting her sermons (using taxpayer dollars, mind you), revived yet again her #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb spirit when talking to Steve Bannon last night. (Video below.)

"If there really is this separation of church and state like they believe … then what is Ilhan [Omar] doing with her hijab on?" the bible-spouting evangelist asked, going after her Minnesota colleague yet again while managing to expose both racism and sheer ignorance in one sentence. "Why is she able to go in there with that?"

Uh, maybe because when it comes to religion, there's a difference between what a U.S. politician wears (such as a cross) and what they aggressively push upon Americans.