Kenneth Copeland's Christofacist "Watchman Decree" is straight out of The Handmaid's Tale

Who needs a government when you have The Watchmen running the show?

Kenneth Copeland, the 85-year-old bug-eyed megapreacher with hundreds of millions of dollars, private jets, and luxury cars, is behind Watchman, a group of people who have declared war against the United States by stating, "We have been given legal power from heaven and now exercise our authority."

Sample declarations from The Watchman Decree:

– We decree that our judicial system will issue rulings that are biblical and constitutional.

– We declare that we stand against wokeness, the occult and every evil attempt against our nation.

– We decree that we take back and permanently control positions of influence and leadership in each of the *Seven Mountains.

*Seven Mountains of Influence include media, business/finance family, education, politics, arts/entertainment, and religion.

Below, a video of the decree at Flashpoint Live in Atlanta on July 1, 2022.

Matthew Sheffield tweeted: "This isn't just some backwoods church meeting. It's a nat'l conference convened by the Family Research Council, far right lobbyists that regularly meet w the highest Republicans in govt. The event is about helping pastors build political machines."