MAGA man will never vote for Nikki Haley because "she has no balls to scratch" (video)

Nikki Haley has no chance with at least some MAGA voters for one simple reason: "She has no balls to scratch."

That's how a stable genius in North Carolina put it when asked by NBC News why he wasn't voting for Donald Trump's last remaining rival in his bid to become king.

"A woman's not going to be a good president," said MAGA man Emmett Martin. "She has no balls to scratch. She's just gonna scratch her head. All a woman's good for in my book is having babies and taking care of the house." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

The Trump voter then reiterated that he would never vote for Haley "because she's female," before clarifying, to make sure no one took him for a misogynist. "Don't get me wrong, females know what they're doing, but they still have to have a little bit of guidance. So Trump would be the one to guide her." Guide her straight to the Republic of Gilead, that is.