Marjorie Taylor Greene turns against the U.S. military, calling them "woke" (video)

A fuming Marjorie Taylor Greene is no longer a fan of the U.S military. In a a snit over the measure passed by the House last night to combat white supremacy and neo-Nazi activity in the military, the Georgia Qongresswoman said conservatives "don't want to have anything to do with Biden's woke military."

After praising "wonderful" Trump supporters β€” as in Proud Boys and MAGA fanatics β€” for their "service to God and service to country," she erroneously credited these folk with having "defended our freedoms."

And which freedoms are those? Certainly not reproductive freedoms. Or gay marriage freedoms. Or book-reading freedoms. Or freedoms to vote freely in fair elections. Or freedoms to discuss race. Or freedoms to discuss ones identity. Or freedoms to smoke a joint. And the list goes on. No, what she really meant was freedom in the singular, as in one and only one: the freedom to own AR-15s and any other assault weapons people can get their hands on.