A PetSmart manager kicks out "LGBTQ hunter" Ethan Schmidt in 20 seconds (video)

Anti-semitic "Christian" Ethan Schmidt, known for doing "the Lord's work" by "hunting" down "non-binaries," harassed two PetSmart employees for the rainbow flags displayed in the store.

"That stuff is satanic — we can't have that," he said about one of the flags, first to a cashier and then to a worker on the floor. "Can you take that down please?" The well-meaning employees made the mistake of engaging with the far-right extremist — chum to Rep. Paul Gosar (R–AZ) and Arizona candidate Kari Lake — whose only objective is to shock, threaten, and bully anyone left of white supremacy.

And then the manager came out, who didn't take any of the little troll's guff. Watch how to shut down a sick gentleman in 20 seconds flat:

Front page thumbnail image: JHVEPhoto / shutterstock.com