Frying an egg during a flood

In this video, we see someone frying an egg in their kitchen. When they open the window, we see floodwater raging down the street.

On Reddit, the commenters seem to be much more interested in the amount of oil the person is using the cook the egg than they are in the horrific flood thanking place right outside.

"That's alot of oil," says Dumby_Thick

"Thats the purpose of that much oil," says boredjavaprogrammer. "To deep fry it. You get crispy bottom and edges. It is really nice actually. People usually just store the filtered oil for later use."

"it's a legitimate type of fried egg and it tastes great too," says jealousmonk88.

"I've seen floods before, I've never seen someone cook an egg with that much oil," says Tumleren.

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