Why was the original Transformes theme such a musical mess?

Making a hit children's cartoon is easy. Well, let's revise that statement. Making a hit children's cartoon show is theoretically easy. There are three key components that comprise any hit cartoon show. First of all, you need a solid toy or video game tie-in. If you don't have that, the entire creation process was for naught. After you've secured the merch potential, you need to snag an iconic design. Simple enough so far, right? The final component might be the most important one of the bunch. You need a catchy theme song. That's it; that's the secret. Enjoy creating your million-dollar franchise, folks.

Transformers is a perfect example of a show that possesses all three elements. However, even though the Transformers theme is memorable, it's actually a mess musically. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Charles Cornell explains why he finds the first Transformers theme to be such a confusing piece of music to count and dissect.