Bugs Bunny turns 82

American history is riddled with moments that changed the trajectory of the human race. Whether it's Apollo 11 in 1969 or the Wright brothers taking flight in 1903, America has played a pivotal role in global history since its inception. Even when weighing the numerous accomplishments Americans have made throughout history, none can measure up to the creation of Bugs Bunny. I could expound on the Bunny from Brooklyn's resume, but I'll just say this—Space JamSpace Jam; that is all. 

Unlike his rival Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, who debuted on this day in 1940 thanks to Tex Avery and Bob Givens, never lost his trademark trickster edge. Whereas Mickey Mouse's mischievous personality diminished as he became the face of Disney's brand, Bugs Bunny consistently brought the funny throughout his career. Beyond being an animation icon, Bugs has become a pop culture figure with nary an equal. Sure, Mickey may be more recognizable than Bugs, but that's only due to branding. Case in point, almost everyone can name their favorite Bugs Bunny episode, villain, or gag. I defy you to do the same with Mickey Mouse. Don't worry; I'll wait. 

In the video linked above, you can watch an excerpt of Bugs' first official cartoon debut, Wild Hare. Happy Birthday, Bugs. Thanks for the yucks.