The Apple Store Time Machine

Green Bay writer and designer, Michael Steeber, created The Apple Store Time Machine, an interactive macOS app to virtually explore four Apple Stores of yore in "stunning detail." He writes, "Every detail has been accounted for, down to the last iPod and box of software. Grab your Mac and download it for free."

Your Apple Update:

The app works a bit like a first-person shooter video game, only without the shooting part. But if you're familiar with any first person video game, the controls for moving around the environment will be familiar. Mouse/trackpad to look around, WASD or arrow keys for moving, Shift to run, C to crouch, and E to interact with items. There's no actual game component though. Instead this acts as a lovingly replicated historic recreation of these Apple Stores: Tysons Corner (the first ever Apple Store), Stanford Shopping Center (one of Apple's old mini stores), Fifth Avenue (the iconic underground store with a glass cube atop it in New York City), and Infinite Loop (the Apple Store located at Apple's former main campus at 1 Infinite Loop in California).


screengrab via Apple Store Time Machine