Start growing your email list with over $180 off this two-hour Mailchimp course

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Nowadays, email marketing is an essential part of getting your business and brand message across to others. Email is part of everyone's life and how we communicate professionally, so why not go straight to the source and send a direct message to loyal or potential customers? Getting started with email marketing may seem intimidating, but thanks to sites like Mailchimp, you're just a click away from easily getting your message to thousands of subscribers all at once

If you're a new Mailchimp user and want to know all the ins and outs of best utilizing it, then this $15 Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation Essentials Training course for beginners might help. With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, this training shows first-timers how to create and grow a lifelong mailing list. You'll understand the benefits of email marketing, learn how to write emails properly, and implement key methods to attract new subscribers consistently.

Additionally, this course packs 35 lectures that equals just two hours of video content — basically the length of your standard movie. The lectures are divided into four categories: Getting Started, Basic Training, Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns, and the Follow up Sequence. It'll begin with the basics of navigating through Mailchimp and then teach you techniques to build goodwill with an evolving list of subscribers so your business has continual growth. 

Lastly, this course is taught by Amir Ramir, a passionate elementary school and online learning teacher who loves to learn new things and has a 4.5 out of 5-star instructor rating. Even after 24 years of experience under Amir's belt, "When he discovers something new that gets him excited, he wants to immediately share it with others to get their reaction." 

Get your start at email marketing with this easy-to-use Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation Essentials Training course for $15. 

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