Why Donald Trump will never go to prison but he may go broke

In this Last Word segment, Lawrence O'Donnell lays out the cold hard truth that no one wants to hear. Donald Trump will likely never hear the sound of prison bars closing in on him. It would be unprecedented for a former president (with his large Secret Service detail) to be sentenced to serve time behind bars. At the most, he could end up with some sort of house confinement, effectively turning his USSS detail into both his protectors and his jailers.

But what is more likely to happen is that he will go completely broke fighting civil suits (like the one brought by Capitol Police officers) and paying any judgements awarded in these cases, which would be hundreds of millions of dollars. And, as Lawrence points out, for Don the Con, ending up penniless may be the far greater punishment. Either way, he will likely spend the rest of his days as Defendant Trump.