Watch: Alex Jones offered to show what he was chewing on to a disgusted judge

The already gruesome InfoWars host Alex Jones just got a little more gruesome today when he eagerly asked the judge at his trial if he could show her something from his mouth that nobody should ever see. The absurd scene began when the judge noticed him chewing in the courtroom.

"Spit your gum out, Mr. Jones."

"It's not gum," the far right conspiracy theorist replied.

"Well what is it? Because you're not allowed to have any food or gum of any kind in the courtroom."

The conservative bully, who has put parents of Sandy Hook Elementary school victims through "living hell," explained that he recently had tooth surgery. "I had some gauze in there earlier and it's causing me to have some pain."

"So you're chewing on your gauze?" the judge asked, barely concealing her disgust.

"Would you like me to show ya?" he eagerly asked, as if he were holding a stack of prized baseball cards. He then tried to show her the hole in his mouth, and explained how he had to massage it, but the judge made it clear she was not interested. The exchange ended with a final, "Sit down!'