MAGA grifters cash in selling fake cures to imaginary disease

It's easy to fleece a MAGA dupe. Just tell them you've got a pill or good luck charm to protect them against George Soros, Bill Gates, or any other overlord of the adrenochrome-drinking reptiles who control the media and the deep state, and they'll max out whatever's left on the credit card to buy it.

This time around, the grifters are telling their suckers that Hillary Clinton and the round-earthers have cooked up a diabolical pathogen called "Disease X" to rid the planet of "excess population," "install a corporate world government," and "enslave humanity." If you don't want your body to get covered in festering boils and carbuncles the size of chicken eggs, you need to buy a "medical contagion kit" with vials of life-saving ivermectin manufactured right here in God's most favorite country in the whole universe.

Don't believe me? Then take a look at this video by none other than Alex Jones, a disease expert noted for his honesty, altruism, and hunger for the truth. As Jones explains, "There's a new mutation of an already existing disease. So Disease X is a holding place, or a catch-all for gain-of-function bio-weapons, where they genetically splice viruses and also mutate viruses with radiation and other techniques to make them more communicable and more deadly. And so we have the UN, that wants a worldwide treaty to take control of nation states and borders and transportation and trade with their UN pandemic treaty, really trying to establish a corporate world government, the name of it, hyping up Disease X and saying it's gonna kill 50 million people and it's imminent. Well, how can they be developing a vaccine for a disease that doesn't exist yet?"

But who needs a vaccine, which is probably a payload for Disease X itself, along with a tiny 5G tracking radio, and a DNA-encoded script to make you want to attend a drag queen story hour? Don't poison your All-American, washed-by-Jesus blood with that junk! Hurry and buy a $250 "Contagion Emergency Kit" with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Budesonide and tell Disease X to go back to the neoliberal Hell it was spawned in.

From Media Matters, which is tracking this story:

Right-wing figures are using fear of Disease X to sell "medical emergency kits."

  • Dr. Peter McCullough, who has spread conspiracy theories about COVID-19, used Disease X to promote an "emergency kit" that sells for $300 and includes ivermectin, which is an unproven COVID-19 treatment. McCullough is the "chief science officer" for The Wellness Company, a right-wing media-associated company that sells supplements. Discussing Disease X during a media appearance, McCullough said, "Wellness Company's got a wonderful kit at home you can have." [Twitter/X, 1/17/24; The Daily Beast, 12/1/23; The Wellness Company, accessed 1/18/24; NIH, accessed 1/18/24]
  • The Gateway Pundit used Disease X to promote The Wellness Company's "medical emergency kits." In a "sponsored message" titled "'DISEASE X' — Are The Globalists Planning Another Pandemic?" The Gateway Pundit urged readers, "Don't be caught unprepared for whatever the WEF has in mind" and "Don't regret not acting today" in purchasing The Wellness Company's emergency kits. The post stated, "The Wellness Company and their doctors are medical professionals that you can trust and their new medical emergency kits are the gold standard when it comes to keeping you safe and healthy." The article also noted that Gateway Pundit would benefit from the sale of emergency kits. [The Gateway Pundit, accessed 1/17/24]
  • The Wellness Company also sponsored an article in Breitbart, which encouraged readers to start "stocking up" on medications included in the "medical emergency kits." The article urges readers to "protect you and your family from drug shortages, 'Disease X,' or whatever comes your way," and it quotes anti-vaccine figure Dr. James Thorp, who claims that the WEF is "threatening us that there's another pandemic coming." [Breitbart, accessed 1/18/24; Real Clear Politics, 2/24/23]
  • The Telegram channel for Steve Bannon's War Room promoted a Gateway Pundit article that included promotion of The Wellness Company's emergency kits. The post urges readers: "Before The Next Crisis Hits – Prepare With A Medical Emergency Kit (Includes Ivermectin and Z-Pak)." [Telegram, 1/12/24; The Gateway Pundit, 1/12/24]