Sandy Hook mom takes the stand to try to convince Alex Jones that she and her murdered 6-year-old aren't fake

Alex Jones, whose extraordinary disregard for human life has made him a multi-millionaire, shook his head in doubt, denial, and disagreement as one of the parents of a child murdered in the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre tried to make him understand that she isn't a crisis actor and that her young son was once a living person.

"My son existed," Scarlett Lewis said from the witness stand, looking straight into Alex Jone's eyes. "Jesse was real. I am a real mom… I know you know that. That's the problem. And you keep saying it. Why? Why? For money? Because you made a lot of money while you said it."

Financial records show that Jones has made $165 million in the last three years selling supplements and prepper gear. He has already been found guilty of defamation; the current trial is for damages.

"I know you believe me," Lewis continued, "and yet you're going to leave this courthouse, and you're going to say it again on your show."

Jones continued to shake his head, no doubt wishing he could leap from his chair and scream at Lewis, but barred by the judge from doing so.

True to form, Jones went on his show and asked bizarre questions about Scarlett Lewis and her ex-husband, Neil. Jones said Neil was being "manipulated by some very bad people… He's slow, and his ex-wife is not."