Shirtless Australian gentleman fights car with boomerang

If you happen to be driving through the lovely port city of Geelong in southeastern Australia, keep a sharp eye out for a shirtless man brandishing a boomerang. As you can see in this video, he lacks manners and blames others for the consequences of his poor impulse control.

The video was recorded by the front-seat passenger of a car that the shirtless boomerang-bearer (SBB) was standing next to. SBB tries to rip off the car's side-view mirror, then leans down to stare into it. Not liking what he sees apparently, SBB head-butts the mirror before turning his attention to the driver's side window. SBB whacks the window with his boomerang, which snaps in two. He looks at the stub he still holds in his hand and screams at the driver, "You broke my fucking boomerang!"

SBB hits the window and side view mirror a couple of times with the stub, before miraculously producing another boomering (much like Donald Duck pulling a flute from his sleeve in the 1935 Disney short "The Band Concert"), which he uses to resume beating the car.

SBB manages to destroy the mirror with his trusty boomerang, but when the window proves to be too tough for the wooden weapon, he punches and slaps the window until it shatters. He sticks his head in the window and launches into a rant about vaccines, after which he walks back to his bright red car, which no doubt he is fond of.

Yahoo News has an article that offers almost nothing in the way of information, much like this post.