Viral road-rage video sparks mob violence in Beijing, revealing deep regional rifts

A road-rage video went viral on Chinese social media last month, showing a motorist from the northeastern province of Dongbei berating an e-bike rider from Beijing, deriding him for being a native-born Beijinger (the cyclist spoke in Beijing dialect) and lording it over him that migrants from outlying provinces are prosperous enough to drive cars while Beijingers are riding e-bikes ("F*ck you Beijingers! ...While us outsiders (外地人) are driving cars, you poor-ass Beijingers are still riding miserable e-bikes." Read the rest

Sacramento driver throws incredible fit of road rage

A gentleman turned his SUV into a battering ram, repeatedly bashing another car. Eventually exiting his vehicle to climb atop the target of his anger, the rage filled driver slips and is apprehended.

Via CBS:

"The initial call was that someone was behind a driver and upset for some reason after a disturbance on the freeway," said Sgt. Vance Chandler with the Sacramento Police Department.

The suspect ended up on 5th and X streets, where police say he rammed the car he was allegedly following on Business 80. From there, officers say the suspect became fixated on the Honda CR-V.

"This person was in a crisis, obviously," Chandler said.

Police stood back, waiting for the clearly agitated suspect to calm down.

"They were unable to get him to cooperate or speak to them," Chandler added.

The video shows the suspect eventually falling from the top of the CR-V, and officers quickly moving in to detain him.

Officers say they're waiting for the suspect to be medically cleared from the hospital before he's booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of vandalism and felony assault.

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Road rage nightmare crash footage

A motorist was left with a "gash to the head" after crashing on a California highway, reports the BBC. In the video, posted courtesy of Chris Traber, a motorcyclist veers close to a car and kicks it. The car then swerves, though it's not clear if the driver was retaliating or panicking. Then the car strikes the center divide and all hell breaks loose.

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Road rage causes a spectacular, horrifying accident

Holy cow! How did the motorcycle stay up?! Read the rest

As man exits truck to assault cyclist, car jacker steals truck and hits person in a wheelchair

On June 10 in Santa Monica, California, a motorist exited his Toyota pickup to discuss his overwhelming dissatisfaction with a local cyclist. A series of mishaps ensued. Read the rest

Angry guy traps dirt bikers

This is like watching a cheap 1980s horror stalker movie, where the villain is an old guy with a magically teleporting pickup truck who is hell-bent on entrapping a couple of dirt bikers in his trans-dimensional prison. Read the rest

Motorcyclist exacts revenge on bottle thrower

This video could be titled "Road Warrior Lite." Read the rest

BMW driver gets angry when car in front lets school bus turn in, then rams the bus

Sadly for him, the car he honked at, screamed at, then angrily overtook had front and rear dashcams rolling. No-one gets hurt, but he's likely to lose his license for hitting the school bus. Read the rest

Man has best day ever

"My husband freaking out over a potential road rage fight," writes Em Spiers. Read the rest

Upset at being honked at Cop declares horn use "road rage"

I am impressed with this motorcyclist's ability to remain calm, and attempt to reason with this angry police officer!

A motorcyclist was frustrated by having to wait behind a non-moving car at a round-about, so he honked! The driver of the car turned out to be a police officer who claimed his texting-while-driving was in the name of public safety. The cop then proceeded to educate the motorcyclist, evidently honking is "road rage."

Anyone here from Colorado, where the video took place? Is using a horn illegal in Denver? Read the rest

Oops! Biker honks at driver on cell phone, turns out to be bully cop

Think twice before you honk! Here's a video of a motorcyclist who honks at an unmarked SUV that turns out to be a cop car. The cop is stopped at a yield sign, talking on his cell phone. The biker stuck behind him gives a quick honk, but when the SUV doesn't budge, he honks a bit longer. Nothing too rude, but the cop in the car doesn't take kindly to it. Read the rest

Watch this insane car vs. motorcycle road rage video

This video reminds me of a scene from Road Warrior. Homestead, Florida police charged motorcyclist Rone Gonzalez, 23, with misdemeanor reckless driving and auto driver Kristiian Rosa, 30, with felony Aggravated Assault with a motor vehicle and misdemeanor reckless driving.

"Police arrest participants in Homestead road rage incident" (Local10, thanks UPSO!)

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Driver tries to kick cyclist, takes a Superman pratfall

If we learn anything from this video, it's that road rage is incredibly embarrassing, but also that the phrase "PUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT" should live forever.

Crazed man attacks motorcyclists for lane splitting

After taking a punch to the face, a motorcyclist subdues his attacker. (Via WSHHP) Read the rest

Cool Canadian cop defuses potential road rage fight

"Come on, boys."

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Road rager drops phone, tries to punish other driver for it

After dropping his phone out the window while trying to take a photo of the car next to him, this irate gentleman did other dumb things.

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