Light up with a pipe that's made to make smoking simple

There's a lot of reasons to buy a new smoking piece. Maybe you dropped your old one and that cool glass octopus build doesn't work so well when it's in a million pieces. Perhaps you're making the switch from rolling your own to something a little less cumbersome. Or maybe you just want an upgrade. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself asking, "Where can I buy a good pipe?" there are a lot of answers—but only a few of them are routes you probably want to walk down. 

Where can I buy a pipe? 

In short, you can buy a pipe pretty much all over the place. Tobacco shops generally carry them because tobacco smokers use pipes, even if that's not the particular plant with which you'll be engaging. Dispensaries often sell them, among other expensive smoking apparatus. However, if you want to know where to buy a good pipe, the answer changes a bit. 

Tobacco and head shops may have something like what you're looking for, but those can be showy and expensive. You could grab an insanely advanced piece from a dispensary, but if they mark those up like they do some of their other products, then you'll likely be paying out the nose. 

Whether you're smoking tobacco or weed, you may be able to find a pipe that has everything, including a lighter, built into it. And by "may" we mean "definitely can," because we've got one right here. The SoloPipe is a self-igniting pipe that makes it easy to pack, light, and transport your bowl wherever you need it to go, and you can have it shipped right to your door for just $47. 

All-in-one pipe-smoking supplies 

The only thing the SoloPipe doesn't do is grind the herb for you. That can be easily rectified by grabbing a separate grinder and keeping it with whatever you're smoking (or your kitchen herbs, which it actually can work for). For all your other pipe-smoking supplies, the SoloPipe has you covered. 

Cannigma called the SoloPipe one of the best pipes for smoking weed in 2022, and it's not hard to see why. Pack this pipe's removable (and easy-clean) glass bowl and press a button for the built-in butane lighter to flip over and automatically light your herb. The adjustable design is fast-release, so you can stay nimble. If you're just looking for a quick hit, you don't have to hunt down a lighter and miss your moment. 

If you're one of the many people who use cannabis as a way of treating pain and migraines, the simple design is easy to operate and made of a zinc alloy that should withstand some dings and drops in case. Trembly hands have less to worry about, including burns. The one-button design keeps your fingers safely away from the flame, which is powered by a refillable butane lighter. To refill, all you need is a standard butane canister and you can top up. 

Imagine never again searching for your lighter in vain (you know, the one your friend mindlessly swiped from you) because it's built into your pipe. And let's be honest: You're a lot more careful with your pipe than your lighter. So if you know where your piece is and have something to fill it with, then you can smoke. You do need to fill it yourself when it first arrives, though.

A simple, multifunctional piece for smoking 

You may be used to having one piece for smoking at home and another for when you're heading out. The SoloPipe eliminates the need. Its metal shell isn't there just for show and neither is the bowl cover or travel case. If you know you'll want a hit later, just grab your pipe and take it with you. The durable design should keep everything secure and ready for when it's time to roll (or not roll, actually). The case also has spots for carrying the cleaning bag, cleaning tools, brush screens, and the replaceable glass bowl insert, all of which are included with your purchase. The only other thing you'd need is somewhere nice to sit and watch the world go by.

The SoloPipe pretty neatly anticipates most things smokers might want from it. Lost your lighter? It has one. Need to move? Pack it up. Time for maintenance? No problem. It can do all of that without straying from its classic roots. It's not a vape, and it doesn't require anything other than ground tobacco or marijuana. It may have some modern amenities in that sleek design, but it still offers the classic way of smoking. You can keep on enjoying your doses the same way you always have. The same may not be said about vaping

Is this the best pipe for smoking pot? 

If you habitually lose your lighter, like to toke up when you're out of the house, or enjoy a simpler smoke, then the SoloPipe may be one of your best options, especially for the price. The design is sleek. The build is solid. The lighter doesn't require some super-expensive, only-find-it-at-one-store refillable fluid. And it just looks so good. It even comes in a handful of colors, including rose, silver, black, and gold.

Streamline your smoking supplies with one piece that does pretty much everything all at once. While it's on sale, you can get a self-igniting SoloPipe, including the travel case, carrying bag, cleaning tools, brush screens, and replaceable glass insert, for $46.99 (reg. $69.99). 

Prices subject to change.

by: Jessica Kanzler