Roswell McDonalds: The only outer-space themed McDonalds on earth

This Flying Saucer McDonald's in Roswell, New Mexico is unique. It's the only McDonald's on earth that's shaped like a UFO. It includes a playland, which interrupts the saucer shape and sticks out from the side of the building. Statues of Ronald McDonald and the other company characters are depicted in spacesuits inside the restaurant. It's located at 720 N. Main St., Roswell, NM. Has anyone eaten here before? If so, did you see any Martians hiding in the shadows while you were munching on your Happy Meal? 

From Roadside America:

"This is the world's only McDonald's shaped like a flying saucer. Its aerodynamic qualities have been compromised by its need to enclose a Playland, although the restaurant has tried to compensate by outfitting its indoor statues of Ronald McDonald and his various Playland pals in space suits.

Still, there's no mistaking the building's distinctive saucer shape, enhanced during daylight by its metal skin and at night by its judicious used of neon-style LED piping around its window frames and along its ridge lines.

The large wall of an adjacent building has been filled with a mural by Roswell guerrilla artist Larry Welz. Ronald McDonald and Birdie the Early Bird fly space contraptions around what appears to be a planet-size brain. Is McDonald's — which commissioned the art — suggesting that it serves brain food? The mural gives people waiting at the drive-thru something to ponder, and provides a handy photo-op for Roswell's alien-minded fast-food-chomping visitors."