Teen fined $580 for using phone in McDonald's drive-thru line

McDonald's famous tagline "You deserve a break today," apparently doesn't apply to its restaurants in Saskatoon. According to 18-year-old Mason Prima, all he wanted was to cash in his reward points for a freebie meal at the drive-in window, but ended up with a $580 fine to a Happy Meal hating cop instead. As he recounts on CTV News, "I'm barely even moving. I pull up my app and look at the rear-view mirror and there's a motorcycle cop behind me."

According to the RCMP however, Prima was "observed driving a vehicle on a public roadway while using a cellphone." But Prima insists he was basically just inching along in the drive-thru line, not even touching the gas pedal.

Criminal lawyer Brian Pfefferle sympathized with Prima's plight, saying, "I would venture to guess that a great majority of people would utilize their cell phones in lineups such as that and it shouldn't be considered illegal."

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