Invest in your kids' education and those in need with these great e-learning programs

As summer comes to an end, getting your kids excited about their education can be as hard as convincing them to eat some broccoli along with their pizza. But with helpful — and dare we say fun — e-learning programs, your kids can fully immerse themselves in their creativity, critical thinking skills, and more, and they can do it all from the comfort of their own home.

In addition to getting your kids stoked on learning new things, with each purchase of one of these programs, $0.50 per unit sold will be donated to a chosen school or charity benefiting children in need during this epic Back to Education event. But act fast — these deals won't be around for long.

DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12 – $84.90

From app creation to marketing and beyond, learning the language of code can open up a world of possibility in the future, which is why this DIY coding kit for kids is a learning must-have. Through a series of fun activities and games, kids can have a blast learning the fundamentals of computer programming while strengthening problem-solving, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills. Encouraging young learners to develop and design new things, they'll get to play around with the included Twin modules, which are compatible with the LEGO bricks, resulting in neverending fun and discovery. 

The ACT & SAT Test Prep Bundle – $29.99; originally $597

Test prep can be incredibly overwhelming, and sitting for hours after school in a classroom stressing isn't the best way to help them absorb all the necessary concepts. But with this test prep bundle, aspiring college-goers can prepare for the ACT and SAT wherever they feel most comfortable, under the guidance of top-rated instructor Jeff Kolby. From fantastic real-life examples to relevant exercises, these courses will help your kids learn essential info for math equations, writing prompts, and more. And with real students ranking the courses as high as 4.7 out of 5 stars, you can rest assured your kids will be in good hands.

DIY Coding Kit with a One-Year Premium Subscription to Twin School – $99; originally $155

In addition to this kit's LEGO-compatible STEM toy designed to help sharpen the minds of little creators, this bundle includes a one-year premium subscription to Twin School. Featured on BBCWorld Economic Forum, and awarded by The Bett Awards and Play for Change Awards, this dynamic learning app has helped over 500,000 children explore the world of code through gamified adventures and classes, all under the instruction of experienced educators in the field. From strengthening problem-solving skills to sparking exciting career aspirations, this bundle can really open up kids' minds to new possibilities.

Homer: The #1 Learn to Read App for Kids 2-8 – $4; originally $29

Getting your kids excited about learning at a young age is important. This app is a great way to do that, as it provides your little ones with lessons and activities personalized to their specific age, interests, and skill level. Featured in The New York TimesMSNBC, and Fast Company, this app caters to kids as young as two and as mature as six, complete with ad-free activities and games designed by expert educators and tested by real kids. And with a three-month subscription currently at just $4, this is a pain-free, easy way to invest in your child's development.

One Year of 24/7 Unlimited Tutoring by Interactive Mathematics – $399; originally $420

Terrified your kids will come to you for help with their math homework? Instead of paying for an expensive tutor to take the pressure off, this year-long digital tutoring service helps your kids get immediate math help whenever they need it, at a price that's way more reasonable. Led by qualified math teachers, tutors, and educators, learners can explore interactive mathematic equations, theories, and concepts, whether it's algebra, calculus, financial planning, or whatever else. With on-call help like this, kids can tackle homework, test prep, and more with utmost confidence. 

Prodigy Afterschool Masterclasses for Kids – $99; originally $660

Praised by parents across the U.S., this afterschool masterclass gets kids excited about learning as they explore different subjects and plan for the future. They'll have access to 15 different afterschool courses, consisting of painting, story-telling, and even magic, helping them to get the wheels turning and acquire skills they'll benefit from for years. And thanks to the app's unique family log-in, both parents and kids can engage in enlightening lessons and activities, making things even more fun. Plus, all the courses are led by world-renowned teachers you can't find in any old learning program.

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