Watch monkeys sit on a man's lap, and then rub onions all over themselves

Watch this video of monkeys, one by one, coming to sit on a man's lap, and then rubbing onions all over themselves. Daily Motion describes the scene:

Occurred on May 2022 / Misahualli, Ecuador. "There is a park in Misahualli, Ecuador, that is frequented by a troupe of Capuchin monkeys. The alpha, Lightermonkey, became famous last year (22 million views on TikTok) for stealing lighters and using them to cook bugs. This video features another extraordinary behavior exhibited by the same troupe: superstition. The monkeys apply onion to their bodies as a natural bug repellent. The odd part is that they always take the onions to a human lap in order to apply them. Is it monkey superstition?"

When I first watched the video, the monkeys climbing on the man seemed cute—the monkey man and the person filming are both laughing throughout. But the more I watched, the more horrifying it became. These monkeys could bite that man! They could be covered in lice or other parasites! He could get scratched and end up with a nasty infection! The whole thing now just makes my skin crawl. Or maybe I'm just a monkey party pooper. At any rate, enjoy and/or be horrified!