A thieving monkey steals a woman's purse, so she steals it right back

A mischievous monkey sitting on a rail at Bali's Ubud Monkey Forest had its eye on a tourist's purse. And when she let her guard down to take a selfie, the nimble thief snatched it right up. But the monkey didn't know who it was dealing with.

"No! I need that," said the woman. And then, as the monkey was about to open up its new goody bag, the woman bravely — and dangerously — did what the park suggests not to do: she swiftly reached out and snatched the purse back. "I had a very, very, very small window of opportunity to take it back," she later told Yahoo!.

This caused the thwarted thief to hiss and bare its sharp teeth. And when that tactic didn't work, the little guy leaped to the ground and began tugging on her long dress, which caused her to surrender and toss the purse.

"Come on, walk, walk!" one of her friends said, as her sister picked up the purse, according to Yahoo!, leaving the empty-handed monkey to search for an easier mark. (See the video here.)