Channel your inner rock god and help a worthy cause with this guitar accessory

Whether it's Jimmy Page, Slash, or Jimi Hendrix, watching your favorite rocker can make those fantastic guitar riffs sound easy. But if you've ever picked up a guitar before, you know that acquiring those skills is easier said than done. It takes a lot of practice, a few calluses, and serious dedication to sound the way you want.

If you need a little help in the guitar department, there's nothing to be embarrassed about — we live in a time when there are lots of clever solutions to annoying, age-old problems, even when it comes to rocking out. That's where the Fret Zealot comes into play. This innovative accessory slides right onto the frets of your guitar. Using the magic of LED lights, Fret Zealot helps you find your way up and down the guitar neck, allowing you to enjoy playing instead of worrying about logistics. It's available now for $199.99.

Using the Fret Zealot is incredibly easy, and while it sits right behind your guitar strings, it never compromises the sound. This accessory features intuitive learning features, along with an accompanying app (rated 4.7 out of 5 on the App Store and 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play), ensuring that you have an easier time playing while still learning and improving at the same time. AI mode, for example, uses easy-to-spot LED lights on the upcoming finger location during songs, allowing you to play your favorite tunes without spending hours learning them beforehand. 

Even if you're not a total guitar newbie, the Fret Zealot can build your repertoire by helping you learn songs faster and feel confident playing them. You can even use the accessory as a fantastic visual aid, putting on a little light show for whoever's watching you rock out. So it's no surprise the Fret Zealot has garnered a lot of attention online, boasting an average customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars from over 200 Amazon buyers.

Rock out with the Fret Zealot, now $199.99 during our Back to Education event, which runs until August 24. During this promo, $0.50 of your purchase will be donated to a school or charity that you can vote on. So not only can you sharpen your guitar skills, but your contribution will also help address issues like under-funded schools and food insecurity. We'll send you an email after your purchase where you can vote on the organization to which we'll send the donation and announce the winner once our Back to Education event ends. 

Prices subject to change.