Video: Tripping bear cub rescued after eating too much hallucinogenic honey

That young bear above is tripping balls. It apparently ingested too much deli bal, aka "mad honey." The honey comes from the nectar and pollen of certain rhododendron flowers that are rich in grayanotoxin, a poisonous compound with hallucinogenic properties. This poor cub was found dazed on the side of a road in TUrkey's Duszce province and brought to a veterinarian for treatment. From The Telegraph:

Initially, it was exhausted and barely able to move, said Mevlut Sanli Simsek, an official with Turkey's Nature Conservation and National Parks department. However, its condition soon improved. 

"Our teams brought her to the veterinarian, where we started the treatment process. She is in very good health. We plan to release her back to her natural environment when she regains her health," he told the Anadolu news agency.

Murat Unlu, a vet, said: "The bear is much better compared to the day she first came. She can eat and walk. Hopefully, when the bear regains her health completely in the coming days, we will leave her with her mother."