Get creative whenever the mood strikes with this smart digital pen and pad

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While you do almost everything on your phone today, from buying groceries to finding out what that ex-buddy from high school is doing these days, there's nothing quite like putting pen to paper. Psychology Today says "Handwritten notes are fast, accurate, boost brain activity, and optimize memory." But carrying a notebook and pen around with you simply isn't convenient, and who even has notebooks and things lying around the house anymore?

Whether sketching something cool for that app you're creating or making a quick calculation, writing things down isn't always something you prepare for, which is why this portable smart pen and pad can come in handy. Boasting ground-breaking handwriting recognition technology, this NEWYES smart system is great for handling all your immediate note-taking needs, and it can even store scribbles on the device or upload them to the cloud. It's on sale today for $151.05.

Not convinced this smart pen and pad can really handle what you need to write down? While you may be used to the feeling of pen and paper, this digital writing option can be just as satisfying. For one, the pen boasts a 360° sensor that lets you accurately write, sketch, and more no matter which way you hold it. And the LCD pad can effortlessly turn your writing into digital text, making transcribing and note-taking a total dream. 

Additionally, this digital wonder features Myscript technology, which means it can recognize text, shapes, mathematical symbols, and even music. It can turn any of your writing or drawings into editable files you can revisit later. You can even search for your documents via words or tags, giving you instant access to your saved work. And it saves all your files to cloud storage when you connect it to your phone.

Manufactured by the forward-thinking NEWYES, this smart pen and pad set lets users draft their ideas and inspirations at a moment's notice, making it ideal for creatives, mathematical thinkers, and everyone in between. 

Get the NEWYES Smart Pen & LCD Pad Bundle Set at 5% off, making it just $151.05.

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