Get your documents in tip-top shape and donate to charity when you by PDF Reader Pro

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There are a ton of different hurdles, making getting an education from home difficult. Besides the apparent distractions, you don't have as many tools as you would find in the stacks. Bulk printing, faxing, and scanning aren't at-home activities, making things incredibly difficult. So give yourself a break this semester with this top-rated PDF editing app for Mac.

If you're a minimalist who refuses to buy 100 different devices to do the same thing, PDF Reader Pro is your bag. Rated the Best PDF reader for Mac of 2020 by TechRadar, this program lets you use your Mac as a scanner, but it offers a whole lot more! On a basic level, PDF Reader Pro allows you to annotate your PDFs by highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, noting, and freehanding, as well as utilizing tools like text box, anchored note, rectangle, circle, line, and a ton more excellent features.

Beyond the editing functions, PDF Reader Pro has some handy advanced nuts and bolts. You'll be able to add hyperlinks, fill out forms, transform images, insert, add, and replace images and texts, add watermarks, and other exclusive edits specific to you and your needs.

When you're done, you can convert your PDFs to iWork, Text, JPG, PNG, or HTML documents to share easily and efficiently with coworkers, friends, or anyone else who may need to look. Need to take a look before bed? If you need to make last-minute edits, you can read PDFs comfortably in the dark via Night Mode.

You'll also be doing some good in the process after you get started. For every unit of PDF Reader Pro sold during our Back to Education event, $0.50 will be donated to students or kids in need. You'll get to vote on where the money goes, so you can give a little helping hand addressing under-funded schools, food insecurity, or wherever you think the kids need it the most.

Find out why this program was installed on 60 million devices in over 200 countries. Get PDF Reader Pro for Mac for $39.99 (Reg. $59). Act fast — our Back to Education Event ends August 24, and we'll announce who your contribution was ultimately sent to after that. 

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