Ron Watkins, suspected of being Q, moving to Australia after humiliating defeat in Arizona

Ah, fare thee well, Ron Watkins, we in Arizona hardly knew ye. Ron Watkins, who lots of folks say is the Q behind QAnon, recently lost his bid — he finished dead last in the primary — to become the Republican candidate for Arizona's 2nd Congressional District. Seems as if he didn't want to stick around to make Arizona his home, however, because he recently moved to Australia, according to an announcement his father, equally creepy Jim Watkins, recently made. Business Insider reports:

"I don't think he's permanently moved to Australia, but he's in Australia right now," said Jim Watkins during a live stream on Thursday.

"Everyone knows he has had some serious death threats, so it's best for him to be there right now," he added. 

Jim Watkins was commenting on an article from the Australian media outlet Crikey, which highlighted how his son had been spotted in Australia. The article referenced a tweet from QAnon researcher and podcast host Julian Feeld, who said a source had sent him information about Watkins being seen in Sydney there as early as July 26. 

Maybe he'll have a better go at whatever he's trying to do, in Australia. Australia DOES have a very large QAnon following, so he might try to resurrect himself in that community. Business Insider explains, reporting on an interview that the Australian media outlet Crikey conducted with extremism expert Kaz Ross:

Speaking to Crikey, extremism expert Kaz Ross, a researcher at the Lowy Institute, said Australia was "one of the major places for QAnon supporters." 

"Someone like Ron Watkins, with his wealth, his technical abilities, and his audience? He could pick and choose which Australian voices to elevate. He could give a lifeline to our dying anti-lockdown movement here," Ross said. 

Can't say we'll miss you all that much, Ron. But good luck down under!