A 911 call sends California police to a primate who was just monkeying around

When California police received a 911 call, they took it seriously. So when the caller hung up without saying a word, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office sent a text back, but got no reply. That's when they headed straight to the caller's location — the local zoo. And that's when they discovered monkey business was in play.

When nobody fessed up to the call, the only other possible culprit was Route, a Capuchin monkey who had been monkeying around in a golf cart. Apparently, she had been playing a bit of monkey see monkey do. She was embarrassed by the whole kerfuffle, according to the Sheriff's Office, as you can see by her expression in the photos below. Maybe next time she'll think twice before making a monkey out of herself.

Via HuffPost

Front page thumbnail image: San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office