See the world differently with this handy smart drone, now under $100

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The perfect shot usually feels impossible to capture. You can't scale up to the top of a cliff to get the right view, or there are annoying bystanders in the way of your sunset. And, of course, it can be difficult to get close enough to a subject without encountering blurriness. But you don't actually have to physically hold your camera anymore. Instead, you can capture images you never thought possible with this smart drone.

Drones sound so futuristic that many write them off instantly, sure that they'll be too pricey. But what if we told you there are great options under $100? That's why we love the SG107 Smart Drone, which comes with a carry bag and only costs $87.99. That's cheaper than your iPhone or plenty of great cameras on the market — and it can capture way more!

This quadcopter features a sharp 4K camera for snapping clean gorgeous imagery, making it a great travel companion. And because you can control it with the camera app, you can watch along as you capture footage exactly how you want. The drone provides a 360-degree flight angle, so there's really no way you can miss what you're looking for. 

The SG107 is easy to operate, too! You can lock the altitude and flight position for stable shots thanks to its four channels and six-axis gyroscope. Meanwhile, the return button can hail the drone right back to you when you're done, so you don't have to worry about it getting lost. 

This drone can fly for up to seven minutes with a single charge, and recharging only takes between 40 and 60 minutes. Additionally, you can travel up to 100 meters, giving you ample distance and time to capture footage you'll want to share with everyone in your circle. Users have raved about the product. Verified customer Mike H. wrote, "Works as advertised, nicely packaged," and called the process of using the drone "addictive."

Buy the S6107 Smart Drone, which comes with a carry bag, for just $87.99.

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