Brock Turner goes viral (again) as women on social media warn others of his whereabouts

Brock Turner — the preppy Stanford swimmer who in 2015 sexually assaulted an unconscious student near a dumpster outside a frat party — is back in the spotlight. Over the last month, Turner's name has gone viral on social media as people are spreading an alert that the registered sex offender (for life) and convicted felon — who only spent three of his measly six months in jail — is living in the Dayton, Ohio area. And details of his personal life are included.

From Vice:

"Brock Turner is now living in the Dayton, Ohio, area," one recent post on Facebook read. "He is frequenting bars in the area. Do not let him leave with an intoxicated woman. Inform the women of who he is. Inform the bartender, bouncers. Brock Turner does not belong in public."

Versions of that post have popped up repeatedly on Facebook over the last several weeks. Another post read, "Just trying to spread awareness that this r@pist is back in our midst. Please tell your female and femme-presenting friends, family members, co-workers, literally everyone. This man does not deserve peace."

"It's scary to know that these types of 'men' get a slap on the wrist (if that) and then get to go on about their lives as if nothing happened," one post read. "Please be vigilant, ladies. We are not safe." …

Some of the posts also seem to go beyond mere caution and head right into aggression. People have posted Turner's alleged exact address, details about his car, his workplace. They have suggested that eggs and toilet paper are cheap, and that people can take a "field trip" to Turner's place.

Vice reports that the sex offender has been allegedly living in Ohio for years now, and it's not clear why he's suddenly made a notorious comeback.