Mike Lindell tells GOP to only vote in person, even though he thinks machines are rigged

Mike Lindell has a great idea! He is ordering Republicans — many who serve in the military or are elderly and less mobile — not to vote by mail. "Tell everybody you know, you have to vote in person. In person," shouted the MyPillow guy, as he sat next to Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steve Bannon — who seemed to laugh at his expense. (See video below.)

The Big Lie promoter is so entangled in his web of conspiracies, perhaps he forgot that he also claimed (falsely), after the 2020 election, that voting machines — which in-person voters use to cast their ballots — are rigged.

In other words, according to the logical Lindell, Republicans should commit voter fraud by using rigged voting machines — or just don't vote.

Front page thumbnail image: lev radin / shutterstock.com