Police arrest man allegedly trying to buy and resell stolen human remains

It's difficult to process the reality of being a person on this planet. We try to push the thought out of our minds as much as possible, but pretty much every disgusting, horrific act you can think of is happening, about to happen, or has just happened. With close to eight billion people on Earth, someone is committing an unspeakable act of barbarity- as we speak. In previous eras, it was easy to avoid stomach-churning stories, but since the advent of the internet, stumbling across appalling news is fairly common. However, some stories are so macabre that they stand head and shoulders above the rest of the unsavory lot.

Pennsylvania police arrested a man allegedly trying to buy and resell stolen human remains on the Facebook marketplace. I'll give you a minute to process that sentence again. Seriously, take all the time you need. Aside from looking like a ghoul, Jeremy Lee Pauley allegedly has the habits of one, as he brands himself a collector of "oddities," including a host of human remains. Pauley allegedly purchased stolen remains from an unnamed Arkansas woman, leading police to track the body parts to his home. After their first inspection of his home and his "legally obtained" remains, authorities found newer body parts- some of which belonged to children- upon a second visit.

A spokeswoman for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock confirmed that the remains were to be donated to UAMS's facility. UAMS spokeswoman Leslie Taylor said they were instead stolen from Arkansas Central Mortuary Services in Little Rock by a female mortuary employee and sold, adding that there is an open federal investigation. … On a Facebook page under his name, Pauley has posted pictures of bags and stacks of femurs, one captioned, "Picked up more medical bones to sort through." The Facebook page he uses to market his body parts is called "The Grand Wunderkammer," "Vendors of the odd and unusual, museum exhibits, guest lectures, live entertainment, and so much more! Strange, curious, and unique in every way possible!" It also provides a link to his website.