There's a subreddit for "penises showing up mildly in public" and it's called r/mildlypenis

I'm nothing if not sophomoric, so of course I giggled when a friend sent me this Reddit link, which features a video of a very odd looking creature. And imagine my delight to have simultaneously been introduced to a new subreddit called "mildly penis," which is good for a laugh when I need a break from all the awful news. Sometimes you just have to surrender to the glorious stupidity/brilliance that is Reddit. 

I just love Reddit, for so many reasons, including 1. That this subreddit, which uses the tagline 'penises showing up mildly in public,' exists; and 2. That even in a ridiculous subreddit like 'mildly penis,' Redditors STILL go out of their way to share actually useful information. In the comments for the odd creature featured in the link my friend sent, one Redditor piped up with the common and scientific name of said creature! It's apparently a Fat Innkeeper Worm, or Urechis unicinctus. So very helpful, thanks, random internet stranger! Now I can go search for other videos of this bizarre creature. Did I mention that I love the internet?

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